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Recreational Cannabis Clubs Thrive In Spain

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While the air in Washington is hot with serious debates on marijuana legislation and consequential issues, the Spanish Canary Island tells a different story. With its flourishing lush green marijuana plants and several recreational clubs meant for the marijuana users, the Canary Island statutes tolerate the personal use of cannabis. Many of such clubs are located on the southwest coast of the island of Grand Canaria, where weed users roll their joint and enjoy the pipe. Andres Ibarra, a 40 year old gardener and president of the club says “I started to smoke when I was very young, 14 or 15 years old, to rebel against what is banned.”

“Pretty quickly, I started to grow for my own consumption, because what I was being offered in the town square was always adulterated products, which were very expensive,” said Andres, who calls himself a “recreational user” of marijuana.

Even while the Spanish laws are prohibiting the possession of drugs in public and consider their transaction as  illegal, growing cannabis for personal use and its consumption is legal. In this shade, dozens of private marijuana smoking clubs are operating across Spain and hence they take advantage of the loopholes of this law.

Recreational cannabis

     Recreational use of cannabis

Sibaratas Med Can, one such club in Mogan was in the hot news last year by opening their gateways to the greenery of marijuana plants serving weed-lovers a chance to taste “the most natural and purified puff”.  “We are a non-profit organization. We are very transparent and our accounts are very clear. What I consume today has nothing to do with the joints of my youth. At Sibaritas Med Can, we grow for our own consumption, respecting the environment and without using chemical fertilizers,” says Mr.Andres.

In addition to providing recreational cannabis effects, theses clubs attract other people too, who are looking for therapy using medical marijuana. “I had an accident that left me with many problems that are very painful. I was advised to substitute the chemicals that I took for something natural,” said Isaac Candelaria Martin, a 40-year-old cannabis user.”With my medication, I was unable to lead a normal life. I did not leave my house, I did not have a social life, now I do.”

Cannabis effects are known to alleviate pain. However,  it can also lead to its abuse. The addiction to marijuana cannot be neglected. While implementing laws on marijuana use, authorities need to be careful to avoid any such risk. The Spanish model has attracted a wide public interest.


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